Hillside Rescue

We’ve all heard this story – some of us have lived it.  The client started a restoration, with two contractors who left the job without finishing it. They left behind them electrical work that failed inspection, sub standard sprinklers and a plumbing disaster.  Sheetrock had been installed but after inspection, everything had to be removed. There was only one feature that did not need fixing – the stunning view from this Sausalito home.

This was a demanding project in it so own right – a 1920s home on a moving hillside. The foundation itself was moving too and there were a  lot of uneven floors in the house.

Gerald Loquet construction started all over again.

  • Changed the windows.
  • Update all the shingles.
  • Added two decks – a roof deck and bottom deck.
  • Add hydronic heated floors to the whole house.
  • Electrical
  • Plumbing
  • Sheetrock
  • Basement with winery and bedroom space
  • Mechanical utility room with a heating system and boiler.

After 7 months, the remodel was finished and the owner was very happy.